School Management

eSchool Management System

eSchool Management System is Modern and Complete School Automation Software that suites to almost every school or educational institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results.

eSchool Management System is also a useful system administration software and is full of features for everyone involved in school activities. This school administration system includes an easy-to-use browser-based interface to perform administration and management related tasks.

Records Management

eSchool Management System is a complete school management software that effectively performs records and profiles management. This school software has a module dedicated to management of students, teachers and staff records, which makes it a useful profile management software. This profile management system captures master data such as name and contact information of the students, parents, teachers and other supporting staff.

Fee Management

Fee collection and management is one of the critical processes of a school. eSchool Management System – a complete school management software- is also a school fee management software that stores all fee-related information along with the frequency at which it is collected. Students, parents and teachers have restricted access to this fee management portal. Students and parents can view only information related to their own fee.

Administrators can easily use this school fee management system to create dynamic fee structures defining the type of fee to be collected from a specific grade and the time of collection. This school fee management tool also generates a complete summary of payable fees and collected amount. In addition, with this school fee management software daily fee collection reports can be made available to the concerned staff.

Attendance Management

eSchool Management System is a complete school management software. This online school management system is also a powerful attendance management system. With this attendance software, student and teacher attendance becomes very easy to capture and maintain. The attendance management process of this attendance software can be integrated with biometric and access card system as well. Reports about absent students or those reporting late can be generated and even a notification can be sent to their parents with this attendance management software. Thus, this powerful attendance management software provides parents with first hand information about their wards bunking or genuinely taking a day off from school

Library Management

Library management is a labour-intensive and time consuming activity. eSchool Management System makes library management easy and less time consuming, which makes it an ideal school library management software. With this school library management system, the librarian can easily catalogue books and maintain records of issued, reissued and overdue books. This library management portal also captures date of issue and return.

Librarians can use the eSchool library management system to create an inventory and specify a book’s location within racks. With this eSchool library management software they can also configure books issue related rules such as the type of books to be issued by a certain grade students, the number of books to be issued and the time for which the books are borrowed. Further, Bar code integration, an option available with this school library management software, makes borrowing books easy and error free for everyone.

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Password: 123456


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